Accoya Wood

Accoya Wood

Recently we have had a number of people asking us about Accoya Timber, the wood that we commonly use on the windows and doors that we make. In our 25 years of being in the industry we believe it is the best product to come to the
market for a long time. We still use traditional materials such as Victorian Ash and Cedar, but today will write about the benefits and qualities of Accoya.

Accoya is a brand of Timber that has been specially modified through an acetylation process. This alters the cell structure of the wood, which improves its technical properties and makes it stronger, more durable, longer lasting and resistant to natural elements.

Traditional wood absorbs and releases moisture as weather conditions change. Over time this will impact the service life of any project made of wood. We have quite regular rainfall in Melbourne, averaging 93 days between 1981 – 2010 so it was important for us to try to find a wood that can deal with this changeable weather. Due to Accoya’s modification mentioned above it is able to resist rot, defy the elements and stay strong for decades. Guaranteed for 50 years above ground and 25 years in ground or freshwater, its performance and properties are remarkable.

It is also produced in responsibly managed forest farms and therefore has reduced the need to cut down the worlds slow growing hardwood trees.

You can view some of the great products that we have made with Accoya here.

Or if you want more proof of its performance see the video below:

The world’s leading high technology wood.

Moses Bridge designed by RO&AD
architects boasts performance in-ground and in freshwater.

The bridge is built from Accoya wood sheet piling on either side, with a hardwood deck/stairs in between. Accoya wood’s durability and guaranteed performance in-ground and in freshwater made this possible.