Our qualified tradesmen at MSW are able to produce Doors and Windows using any type of timber. However the following three types are by far the most popular:


Accoya is rapidly becoming the number one choice for all high quality door and window manufacturers due to the following reasons:

  • It has outstanding durability due to the wood acetylation process it has been subjected to.
  • It far more stable meaning its unlikely to bow, cup or twist.
  • Accoya also machines exceptionally well allowing for windows and doors to be produced with crisp intricate moldings.
  • Applied finishes bond very well with the timber allowing for an impressive finish.

Accoya is also produced in responsibly managed forest farms and therefore has reduced the need to cut down the worlds slow growing
hardwood trees.


Cedar is a distinctive redish/brown colorued timber that has excellent resistance to rot and pests such as termites. A light weight timber that can be used with or without a finish depending on the customers desired look. The only draw backs to this material is that it is very expensive and can be difficult to machine without breakout.

Victorian Ash

For a long time Victorian Ash has been the main stay of the timber and door industry. A cheaper alternative to accoya that can be stained, varnished or painted. Ideal for frames, windows and doors but generally regarded as unsuitable for sill sections.

Stainless Steel fixings

The majority of the windows and doors produced at MSW are exposed to Melbourne’s ever changing weather conditions. For this reason we only ever use stainless steel fixings to prevent rust staining our products.


Our sliding Doors and Windows are produced with aluminium tracks and channels. Aluminium tracks are light weight, strong and will not rust.